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 Data Center  Products



Datacom Enterprise - We offer a wide range of Server and Data Center solutions in Singapore. Our partners include Our Partners like Dell, HPE, Super Micro, Synology & Microsoft other brands Lenovo, IBM and Cisco, APC and other network brands. It is our goal to help you find the best deal on IT equipment by providing the solution you need. Additionally, we provide technical support, storage solutions, cable management, Back-up & Recovery solutions, Data Migration, Security solution, Hardware and relocation services.

Our Partners

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Data Center Products &  Solution

Tower Server
Rackmount Server
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Dell PowerEdge Servers: Power transformation with server, storage and network solutions that adapt and scale to your business needs

Dell PowerEdge Servers


Discover the data center products, solutions and services that meet your business needs.

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HPE Servers and Systems

Compute engineered for your hybrid world to unlock more value from your data, power insights and innovation across edge to cloud.

Applications & Software

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Lenovo rack and tower servers

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 Lenovo rack and tower servers deliver unmatched value for businesses and enterprises. New Edge-to-Cloud computing with Powerful hardware and software solutions to simplify your Edge journey and increased ease of use for DATA CENTER, VIRTUALIZATION, CLOUD, & BIG-DATA READY.

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     IT Server support Services

As an IT support company in Singapore, we provide IT services for small businesses, data centers, and other managed IT services. Our technical support team provides advanced troubleshooting with minimum server downtime. 

Our Server management and server security services cover a range of unique deployments across a wide portfolio of clients. 

DataCenter Solutions
Data Backup & Storage
Security & Firewall
cable management
Relocation and maintenance 

Our extended technical support Services 

  • Microsoft Windows Servers

  • Linux Servers

  • Virtualised Servers

  • Application Server

  • File servers, Storage, and SAN 

  • Directory Services

  • Small business servers (SBS)

  • Data Backup and recovery service

  • Data migration

  • OS setup

  • Storage Solution

  • Internal business servers setup

  • New server setup-ILO

  • Server Outsourcing

  • Data Center Solutions

  • Relocation and Maintenace

  • Technical support

  • Remote or on-site Support

  • Cable Management

  • Instalation and Confieration service

  • Server hardware, software and licensing

  • Datacenters equipment - Server Rack, PDU, UPS, Cable & Accessories

Tough Equipments 

​Datacom Enterprise is one of Singapore's leading IT Solutions Provider.

TOUGH Brand is our in-house product over 33 years of experience designed and developed by our engineers specifically for Datacenters and other industrial racking applications.

We delivering high-quality Cabinet and server racks to organizations in Singapore.
Wall mounted Cabinet sizes from 6U, 9U,12U,15U and Floor standing server rack sizes from 18U, 21U, 27U, 31U,36U, 42U,45U and 48U all server rack comes with Accessories, find out more about our data center solutions.

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  • Tough Cabinet

  • Tough Server Rack 

  • Tough Mobile Charging Cart.

  • Tough PDU (power distribution unit)

  • Tough Cables & Cable management equipment.

  • Tuggh Server Rack Accessories


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