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What We Do

We would like to introduce some of our IT Professional services for your consideration

Datacom Enterprise is one of the leading IT solution providers and  most respected companies in Singapore. All types of IT brands & products are available at our store to meet the needs of our customers. Additionally, we provide services for all IT-related equipment. We provide both on-site and remote services. Providing the right solution and resolving the issue is our team's primary objective.


Server, storage, APC, synology configuration, installation 

We provide an IT-solution  for Home, Office and Data-centers. We provide installation and configuration services with a professional technical team to resolve the problem and provide a right solution to satisfy the customer.​

Additionally We provide General services for  IT devices periodically to ensure the devices performance, latest Update, device upgradation and General chek.

Servers and networking devices rack mounting

 Tough Equipment & server rack, the size range from 6U to 48U.In the case of server and network cabins we deliver an item and provide an installation and configuration service.


All devices were installed with care and safety measures during installation.If you have special size or requirements, we can customize to your needs and 

 Install all devices in the Rack, cable management, PDU, UPS-Solution, Storage-Solution and Provide the Guidelines.

Electricity Repair Work

Laptop, Desktop setup, installation

IT-solutions for laptops and desktops are provided by us. Based on customer requirements, we build customized units.


We also provide general services for laptops and desktops, including software updates, memory / storage upgrades, data backups, and general checks.

IT asset disposal / IT relocations 

Datacom provides installation and dismantling services. Our IT specialists can help with a variety of needs including setting up IT devices for a new office, installing network devices, providing UPS services, and relocating one site to another.


Electronic waste must be disposed of in a safe manner in Singapore. The UPS batteries and IT hardware (printed circuit boards) contain chemical compounds. E-waste recycling is therefore handled by industry partners.

Using Tools

OEM Industrial System

We specialize in doing OEM industrial system

according to your specifications requirements.

Installation/ cabling Services

Moving to a new office or need maintaince service for computer hardware.

We have a team to assist and serve your needs.

Installation of desktops/printers, mount/unmount servers etc.

Email or contact us with your enquiries and discuss further.

Customize Equipment/
Server Rack

Tough Equipment & server rack, the size range from 6U to 48U.

If you have special size or requirements, we can customize to your needs.

Configure services for servers & IT devices

We offer configuration & installation services for servers & IT devices.

Dicuss with us your requirements. 

Our professional team will assist you with the require services.

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