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Our Product Portfolio
Offers a Wide Range of IT Products

Datacom Enterprise establised in 1991, is one of the leading IT solution provider in Singapore.

We offer a wide range of IT brands & products to suit all customer requirements.


The product portfolio offers including hardware, peripherals, consumables, storage devices & OEM
Solutions provider in Singapore


Our mission is to be customer prefered IT vendor in Singapore.

Image by Patrik Kernstock


What We Do

OEM Industrial System

We specialize in doing OEM industrial system

according to your specifications requirements.

Installation/ cabling Services

Moving to a new office or need maintaince service for computer hardware.

We have a team to assist and serve your needs.

Installation of desktops/printers, mount/unmount servers etc.

Email or contact us with your enquiries and discuss further.

Customize Equipment/
Server Rack

Tough Equipment & server rack, the size range from 6U to 42U.

If you have special size or requirements, we can customize to your needs.

Configure services for servers & IT devices

We offer configuration & installation services for servers & IT devices.

Dicuss with us your requirements. 

Our professional team will assist you with the require services.

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