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DiskStation DS1522+

RackStation RS422+

DiskStation DS923+

RackStation RS1221+​/​RS1221RP+

DiskStation® DS420+

RackStation RS822+​​RS822RP+

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Devices from Synology Singapore


Synology is a corporation that specializes in network-attached storage (NAS) appliances. They have a number of models including DiskStation and RackStation that offer network attached storage in Singapore. These two models offer different functionalities, with RackStation more suited for organizational use while DiskStation is more suited for personal use. While Synology Singapore offers a range of choices, they all share the characteristics of being reliable, quiet, and versatile. 




DiskStation products from Synology Singapore are designed for home use or for small businesses. They offer high-performance NAS with SSD cache acceleration capability. For home use, this can streamline your data management as the DiskStation can be used for data sharing, video streaming, and photo indexing. For small businesses, you can also use more advanced DiskStation devices to take your data management to the next level. Using a more advanced DiskStation, you get a versatile smart storage device that helps you to keep your data as it grows while also allowing you to consolidate all this data. Moreover, these devices are stunningly compact, offering powerful functionality in a tiny package. There is even room to expand if needed, allowing the device to scale with your business as it expands. These devices are also powered by the Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), making the DiskStation a flexible all-in-one solution for data sharing, backups, surveillance, and synchronization. 




RackStation products from Synology Singapore are another compact and versatile storage that can be used for both personal and organizational use. It allows you to streamline your data management with its compact 1U form factor and powerful DSM operating system. In this range, the less powerful devices will still allow you to meet any daily data management, backup, synchronization, and sharing requirements on top of being quite affordable. When you go to the more powerful devices, you will receive reliable data management that is capable of handling data for remote and branch offices as well. The most powerful options offer an impressive storage solution for businesses with the addition of redundancy and service continuity features, equipped to handle heavy workloads in environments with data-intensive requirements. 


Buy Products from Synology Singapore


Datacom Enterprise offers Synology NAS in Singapore. With these products, you will have flexible data management solutions for your home office or business. Ensure that you understand all your requirements before purchasing a Synology network attached storage device. You can contact us if you need any assistance in selecting the right product for you. We also offer other data center storage solutions such as a PDU, wall-mounted cabinet, or server rack in Singapore so be sure to browse through our site to see what we have to offer!

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