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Business Products

18U Equipment Rack -- 800mm

This 18U Equipment Rack Bundled with Standard Accessories:

Steel Frame Structure with 19” Mounting Channel with “U” Indicator x 4pcs

Top Metal Cover x 1pc

Fan Tray with 4-Ventilation Fans x 1set

Bottom Cover with Cable Entry Provision x 1pc

13.7”Fixed Tray with Ventilation Slots x 2pcs

6 way 13A Power Distribution Outlet with CE Approval x 1pc

Front Tinder Glass Door with Swing Lock x 1pc

Removable Side Metal Door with Lock x 2pcs

Perforated Rear Door with Swing Lock x 1pc

Castor Wheels(Set of 4pcs) x 1set

M6 Cage Nut & Screw with Washer x 30 Sets

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