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Installation and Service

Datacom Enterprise is one of the leading IT solution providers and  most respected companies in Singapore. All types of services for all IT-related equipment. We provide both on-site and remote services. Providing the right solution and resolving the issue is our team's primary objective.


Installing UPS

While smaller plug-and-play UPSs enable installation by users. some hardwired Tower and Rack-mounting UPS require the assistance 
of a professional technician or IT engineer to ensure UPS functioning precisely.

  • Un-boxing UPS

  • Site survey

  • Installation and configuration  UPS

  • Installation External - Battery Pack

  • cable management

  • Installing Smart Slots

  • Connecting UPS to Main power supply

  • Run a Self - Test

  • Briefing the Product Details


UPS - Battery Cartridge Replacement and Disposal 

Customers may wish to clarify we recommends and using only genuine APC items in their UPS rather than 3rd party batteries.

  • RBC comes with Model & Serial number

  • Checking, testing, and commissioning

  • APC provides a 1-2 year warranty on each RBC.

  • Disposal battery pack or replacement battery cartridge

  • Disposal UPS batterys in an environmentally responsible method

DataCOM-General service

Datacom provide an IT-solution  for Home, Office and Data-centers. 

We provide General services: periodically check to ensure the devices performance, firmware Update, Self test, device upgradation and General check.​



  • General Check

Additional Services:

  • Settup new IT hardware

  • Dismatle and Relocation services for IT hardware

  • PDU 

  • Cable management

Services Time:

Onsite Installation during office hours - 9.00AM to 5.30 PM.

Note: Additional Charges for Working on Saturday/Sunday/PH  

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